Dr. Gerrit Hansen

Dr. Gerrit Hansen

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Gerrit is a researcher, political advisor and independent consultant with over 10 years experience working on climate policy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, attribution of climate impacts, green finance and renewable energy technologies. She holds a doctorate from Wageningen University, a diploma in Environmental Engineering from the TU-Berlin, a MSc in Global Change Management from the HNEE, and has published extensively in high ranking journals.

Gerrit specializes in science-based policy advice and has ample experience in project management, developing political strategy in both international and local contexts, and in facilitating and moderating workshops and panels. Gerrit is also a certified conflict mediator. Former employers and clients include research institutes, UN organizations, government agencies, think tanks and NGOs. Her current main affiliation is with the German IPCC Coordination Office and she is also a guest scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Gerrit works in English and German, speaks Spanish, understands French and Norwegian.

You can contact Gerrit via her personal website www.gerrit-hansen.net.

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