Dr. Miriam Schröder

Dr. Miriam Schröder

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Miriam co-founded SiNERGi, and is a managing director. With 13 years’ experience, she has developed a solid track record in advising clients on energy and climate issues. At this nexus, she works on market mechanisms and emissions trading, renewable energy deployment policies and financing models, and off-grid energy access. Her consultancy work is well grounded in hands-on implementation experience gained from co-managing the Energising Development Program in Rwanda for GIZ with Mirco for two years.

Miriam complements her technical expertise with a sound toolbox of social science evaluation design and data analysis methodologies. She leads project evaluations, advises partners on setting-up impact-oriented M&E systems, and is responsible for quality control within impact evaluations. She wrote her PhD thesis on „Evaluating the effectiveness of provincial CDM centres in China – lessons learned for capacity development„, holds a master’s degree in political science, and graduated from the Centre for Rural Development (SLE).

Miriam is passionate about life-long learning, and embraces the challenge of acquainting herself with new topics in a short period of time. She enjoys training and moderating, and has lectured at several universities, such as the New York University in Berlin. In addition to publishing extensively in her own right (view publications), Miriam serves as a reviewer for a number of journals, including Applied Energy, Climate Policy, and Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering in China.

Miriam speaks German, English and Chinese, and reads in French.


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