Martin Seißler

Martin Seißler

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Martin co-founded SiNERGi in 2007 and was managing director until January 2015. During his time with SiNERGi, Martin advised clients on energy and climate issues, focussing on renewable energy deployment policies and financing and business models.
In 2013 Martin founded Velogista, Germany‘s first cycle logistics operations startup using electric heavy load cargo bikes for inner city sustainable logistics. Martin served as Velogista‘s managing director until the end of 2018: he developed the business model, build and led the team and oversaw operations.

Martin has gained a thorough understanding on the foundations needed for deploying sustainable city logistics and passenger transportation. At the national and international policy level, he promotes the idea of sustainable city logistics. He is also co-founder and expert board member of the German Cycle Logistics Federation (RLVD). As a consultant he advises municipalities, companies and institutions on the topics of setting up sustainable fleets, switching fleets to cargo bikes and integrating cargo bikes into operational processes.

Martin holds a Diploma as a Business Sinologist (2003) and is a Certified Financial Manager (2012). Martin works in German and English and speaks Chinese and French.


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